Sex Tips – Tips for Lasting Longer In Bed

If you are interested in a more satisfying intimate relationship, one thing you should look at is lasting longer in bed. This can lead to increased fulfillment for both partners and can bring you closer to bed and out of it.

There is a huge difference between the amount of time it takes men to reach orgasm and how long women need to reach culmination. Men can finish in as little as one to two minutes, which is much more quickly than the twenty minutes a woman needs. If a man does not work at helping his partner reach orgasm, she can often be unsatisfied when sex is over.

Masturbate longer: One important sex tip for lasting longer in bed is to learn how to masturbate longer before sexual intercourse. Practice before having sex with your partner. When you are masturbating, you should work at learning to control how quickly you reach orgasm. By working toward orgasm and then backing off repeatedly before you finish, you will learn how to control your response, and this can translate directly into longer lasting sex.

Squeeze the rod: Whether becoming overheated or feeling the orgasm coming on, men can gently squeeze the penis right below the head. This soft motion can stall a premature ejaculations. This is one of the least known sex tips for lasting longer in bed.

Recognize the feeling: Before ejaculating, the man must know the sensation. Once this feeling is recognized, the man can control his rhythm and keep the orgasm at bay. Learning how to prolong his ejaculation is one way a man can prolong sexual relations.

Exercise the muscle: For women wanting to learn sex tips for lasting longer in bed, all she has to do is remember the Kegel exercise from childbirth. The contracting of this muscle will help her last longer in bed and have more intense orgasm.

Remain shallow: When a man’s penis enters a woman vagina, he needs to try and stay shallow versus thrusting deep inside. This is also beneficial for the female partner since the most sensitive nerve endings are near the vaginal entry.

Spending time: Bringing your partner to orgasm can be a wonderful way to have longer lasting sex and make sure that she is satisfied. There are two different areas that can be targeted to bring a woman to orgasm. They include the clitoris, which is located outside of her vagina, and her g-spot which is located inside her vagina. If you stimulate both of these areas with your fingers or your tongue, you can bring your woman to orgasm. Since you are not having intercourse, you can often have longer lasting sex.

Longer lasting sex can be a wonderful way to connect with and satisfy your partner more fully. Spending time working on controlling your responses, pleasuring your partner and extending the time before you engage in intercourse, you can enjoy a prolonged lovemaking session and get closer to your partner. Do bear in mind, sex is not just about longer time; if your partner doesn’t enjoy it, they are just suffering longer time. You have to learn to let her enjoy sex for a longer time then only all these effort are worthwhile.

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