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Buy Maxidus in Canada – FAQ

  1. How do I buy Maxidus in Canada?
    • You can Buy Maxidus at Maxidus USA, find your desired package and the parcel will deliver to your door step.
  2. How long it takes to deliver to Canada?
    • Please be remind that this is an international delivery. Delivery time will vary depending on your location, shorter time in city and longer time in rural area.
      1. DHL Express – 3 – 5 business days.
      2. Normal Post – 14 – 21 business days.
  3. Can I buy Maxidus in Canada with normal post delivery?
    • Yes, you may buy Maxidus in Canada with normal post now. We have a new partnership with courier partner to deliver in Canada.
  4. Is there any extra duties or taxes for Internationally shipped items?
    • Products may be subject to customs fees, GST, and import duty, where applicable.
  5. How can I cancel my order?
    • Cancellation is not allowed if your order has already been dispatched.
  6. Where can I find out more information about Maxidus?
    • Please check about it at our website Maxidus USA.
  7. How do I make payment?
    • We accept Paypal and all major credit cards including MasterCard, American Express and Visa.
  8. Order tracking
    • Tracking code will be available within 3 business days, you may login to your Paypal account to check it.
  9. Home delivery
    • Deliveries will be delivered to your nominated address in Canada. Signatures for delivery is required whenever recipient is at home. But if they are not, parcel is available at a nearby Post Office or delivery company.
  10. Which part of Canada does Maxidus ship to?
    • We cover the most part of Canada including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and so on.