G Spots For Men

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Do not just start and stop at the penis to turn your man on. There are many other G spots you can touch, besides his penis which is obvious. Touching his penis is just a tip of the iceberg when in terms of sensation! Engage in touching some other part of the body so that … Read moreG Spots For Men

Sex Positions For Oral Sex

When we think of good sex, we probably think of multiple positions and techniques. What is strange is that we do not apply this same thinking to other kinds of sex. In fact, all other types of sex have many different positions. There are some positions that can make oral sex so much more exciting … Read moreSex Positions For Oral Sex

How To Give A Woman Intense Orgasm

Every man wants to be able to please his woman to her fullest potential, and when he is unable to make that happen, it destroys a piece of him inside. You know how this feels because it happens to you. You are unable to give your woman the kind of pleasure that you know she … Read moreHow To Give A Woman Intense Orgasm

Sex Tips – Tips for Lasting Longer In Bed

If you are interested in a more satisfying intimate relationship, one thing you should look at is lasting longer in bed. This can lead to increased fulfillment for both partners and can bring you closer to bed and out of it. There is a huge difference between the amount of time it takes men to … Read moreSex Tips – Tips for Lasting Longer In Bed