Something About Sexual Pleasure

Sexual pleasure explains the good and pleasurable feelings that may be related to sexual experiences. These feelings usually occur as a result of contact during sexual activities, but it can also come from thoughts and fantasies.

Both you and your partner can experience sexual pleasure when you

  • Caress each other or yourself,
  • kiss your partner and let yourself be kissed,
  • Touch your partner using your tongue or allowing yourself to be touched with your partner’s tongue.

Touches on some parts of the body give rise to sexual pleasure. Some places are particularly sensitive. These sensitive parts of the body are referred to as the erogenous zones. These are, for example:

  • mouth
  • neck
  • face
  • vagina and vulva (women)
  • penis and testicles (men)
  • the buttocks
  • anus
  • inside the thighs
  • Breasts (women) / chest (men) and nipples
  • hands, fingers, toes, soles of feet
  • Earlobes
  • the navel, the stomach

We all are totally different

It doesn’t matter whether we are attracted to the opposite sex, the same sex, or both, the truth remains that: we all learn how to experience sexual pleasure for the sake of pleasure by understanding our own sexual desires and responses.

Our enjoyment of specific sexual behaviors and practices differs from individual to individual. Take, for instance, pornography can be irresistible to some people and it can at the same time be disgusting to others. The truth of the matter is, regardless of what invigorates our individual sexual wants or the specific sexual practices we adopted to satisfy them, we are generally sexual creatures. How we choose to go about as a sexual being relied upon us.

Health Benefits

Remember, it turned out that sex promoted better sleep habits, less stress, more happiness, etc. Sex is a healthy body function. Our bodies released endorphins, oxytocin before and after orgasm, it’s the love hormone. So a healthy sexual life is really part of the healthy body.

How will you experience sexual pleasure?

Have you ever felt that there is a “good” way of enjoying sex? Sex quizzes in women’s magazines, romance novels, (and maybe your grandmother) would believe you. If you are wondering why your sex life does not play as a love affair, it’s good to remember that your sexual reaction assets are unique to you and how will you experience sexual pleasure?

Get started with this rich fantasy life you’ve written in your head. If you have a partner, he/she could enjoy as much as you are! Talk to your partner. Understand that sexual pleasure is a matter of mutual interest. Remember that adults who agree may be sexually adventurous as long as they want. And remember that your partner probably has an entirely different set of turn-ons and favorite pleasure spots.

Communication is the key

Successful and long-term relationships are based on communication. The feeling of safety and trust of our partner is the foundation of a comfortable, relaxed sex. Safety, comfort, and confidence allow us to discuss freely our sexual needs and limitations with our partner. Be straight! Speak!

“I like it when you touch …”

“I really enjoy …”

“Would you like me to…”

An open and honest communication with a partner is the key to giving and receiving maximum sexual pleasure. Mutual trust in the desire to please others while respecting personal boundaries can lead to increased enjoyment.

It’s about you

Not everyone has a partner. Everyone does not want a partner. Some people are between partners. The truth remains that: you do not need a partner to enjoy good sex.

It is good – even healthy – to masturbate on a regular basis. Orgasm not only relieves stress; it also stimulates the immune system and burns calories! Engage in solitary sexual behaviors that bring you the most pleasure. It is up to you to choose how to experience orgasm (video, sexual toys or just hot fantasies and a bottle of lubricant). No rules, no “right ways” for getting sexual pleasure until there is a danger to you or anyone else.

Fulfilling sexual life starts and finishes with the recognition and understanding of one’s own sexual needs and responsibilities. At last, we take absolute control of our own sexual pleasure. At that point, we can perceive the necessities and responsibilities of our partners.

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