Eight Great Ways Sex Improves Our Health

Sex is not just for having fun or pleasing each other. There are other sides to sex that you should know about to make you indulge in it more consciously.

Sex reduces physical pain

A lot of pain-relieving hormones is released into your body during sex. Hormones and compounds such as oxytocin and neuropeptides are released into the body thereby getting rid of headaches, backaches, joint pain, and fatigue.

Sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Men who develop prostate cancer seem like those who have been faithful to their sex partner. While it is good to be faithful, it shouldn’t be to your detriment. How do I mean? When you partner is not fulfilling your sexual desire and you cannot see yourself cheating on her, then its time both of you ironed things out, or you can try masturbating. Studies have shown that men who ejaculate often are less likely to develop prostate cancer. Frequent sex exempts you from prostate cancer. Thanks to porn, a lot of men can ejaculate without a partner with them. I guess this helps to reduce prostate cancer.

Sex prevents preeclampsia

Preeclampsia could happen to a pregnant woman with no previous history of hypertension which could be dangerous for her and the fetus. Studies have shown that apart from eating the recommended pregnancy nutrients, it is important for a woman to have a full dose of her partner’s sperm before conceiving. Studies have shown that this is capable of preventing preeclampsia in the long during pregnancy.

Sex improves mood

A feel-good hormone, otherwise known as dopamine is released during sex. It is easy to differentiate a sexually active woman from a starved one. There will be a significant difference in behavior unless the latter just decided to tie a girdle of celibacy.

It fights against diseases

Sex helps you fight against but acute and chronic diseases. Sex increases the level of immunoglobin A, which serves as an immune system booster. When your immune system is boosted, your body is hardly susceptible to illnesses and diseases. So, diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart diseases, arthritis, cold, flu, stroke, high blood pressure, and so on will not affect you if you are sexually active.

It makes you live longer

You might be wondering why most playboys and womanizers live long. It’s because they are getting a lot of sex. With a good sexual health come healthy living such as a healthy lifestyle, exercising, good sleep, better cognitive and psychological health, easy socialization, and a happy life. All these factors are essential for a longer life and having an active sex life helps you achieve them. Better sexual health equals to better health.

Sex makes you look younger

Good sex, with a well-fed individual and not under duress, makes one look fresher and younger. When you have sex, you burn calories and the fitter you get, the younger you look.

Sex burns calories

Different studies have come up with a number of calories we burn during sex. One study says we burn about 5 calories for every minute we have sex. This means the number of calories burned during sex is equivalent to that of walking. Why walk when you can have sex right? There are some high-intensity sex positions like wheelbarrow which will definitely help you burn more calories.

These are some of the reasons that you should have sex more frequent, not to mention the sexual pleasure it brings. If you are in a relationship, it bring partner closer and stronger in relationship. It’s the double pleasure. It’s also a very cheap activity that break a lot of joy an excitement. Sex is just part of our life that we shouldn’t miss.

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