Maxidus Survey

In order to gauge the effectiveness of MAXIDUS, an ongoing survey is being conducted amongst local purchasers of the product. A list of questions is presented,  the answers to which give an indicaton of the "before" and "after" effects of MAXIDUS on Erectile Function, Libido and General Sexual Health. A brief record of participants Medical History is also included.

Erectile Function Index



1. How confident are you that you can
get and sustain an erection ?
66 % - Very Low or Low95 % - High
2. When you had an erection, how often
was it sufficiently hard enough for
penetration ?
60 % - A Few Times30 % - Most Times
30 % - Always
3. During intercourse, how easy was it
to maintain your erection until you
could complete ?
30 % - Extremely Difficult
30 % - Very Difficult
60 % - Not Difficult
4. How often are you satisfied with
intercourse ?
60% - A Few Times30 % - Most Times
30 % - Always
Overall (out of 20 points)

Avg: 8.6

Avg: 17.6


Libido Index



1. How often would you say that you
felt motivated or "in the mood" for
intercourse ?

66 % - Almost Never or A Few Times100 % - Most Times
Overall (out of 5 points)Avg: 2.3
Avg: 4 (80%)


Medical HistoryYESNO
Has a doctor ever diagnosed any of the following illnesses ?

1. High Blood Pressure 100 %
2. Heart Disease ?33 % 
3. Stroke ? 100 %
4. Diabetes ?33 % 
5. Kidney Disease ? 100 %


General Sexual Health while using Maxidus

General Comments

1. Regarding the firmness of your
- Very positive, - 80 % improvement
- 90% increase, even when not
- noticeably larger when erect and
2. Regarding the Ease of Orgasm- Better able to control, - Vastly
3. How long could you feel the effects?- +/- 12 hrs, 10 - 12 hrs, 1 week
4. How long did it take before you felt
Maxidus was active in your system ?
- 30 min, 20 min, 45 min, unsure as
took it 2 hrs before


The average age of the participants is 55 yrs old. About 6 in 10 of the participants had previously made use of conventional erectile dysfunction prescription drugs and commented that Maxidus was more effective, longer lasting and did not have associated side effects.



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