How to boost your testosterone to improve your sex life

Testosterone is the male sex hormones that make a man look like a real man. Your beards, mustache, muscles, and other manly features are produced by your testosterone. When you have a normal level of testosterone, you are more physically and mentally alert, your muscles are pronounced, you have a healthy libido, you produce more sperm and you are able to maintain an erection for more than two rounds of sex. The opposite of these things happen when your testosterone is low.

Reasons for low testosterone in men can be attributed to aging and excess weight gain. Men with low testosterone level accumulate fat around their waistline, hips and butt, appearance of boobs have lower libido, and shrink reproductive organs.

Causes of low testosterone in men

Various factors aside from aging and weight gain contribute to the decrease in male testosterone and they are:

Stress: stress increases the level of cortisol and estrogens in the body which decreases the production of testosterone.

Lack of sleep: due to long hours of working, most men do not have enough time to sleep and when it becomes a continuous cycle, it disturbs the increase of testosterone.

Soy intake: research has shown that soy increases the production of estrogen hormones and as a consequence reduces your testosterone levels.

How do you boost your testosterone levels to increase your sex drive?

There are various natural ways in which you can boost testosterone level and they are very easy to do. Let’s check out some of the easy and straightforward ways to do so:

Reduce low fat diets

Low fat diets may be good for dieting, but bad for male testosterone. Low fat foods rarely contain enough cholesterol the body needs in building testosterone which is why you should avoid them. Rather than low fat diet, eat more healthy fat such as avocado, beef, coconut oil, seeds, and nuts.


While eating foods with healthy fats, you should remember to engage yourself in enough physical activities needed for increasing the body’s metabolism to burn fat. You need to burn fat to get a boost in your testosterone levels. High intensity exercises are specifically designed to increase testosterone. You can engage in exercises such as press ups, Pilates, squats, lunges, rows etc. These exercises work on your muscles and are also natural ways to increase your testosterone level. Compare to men, women doesn’t build up muscles so easily like men because their lack of testosterone.

Have more sex

Having sex also increases sex drive. Don’t push your sexual thoughts away because they might actually not appear when you really need them. Involve your partner in more sexual routines than you had before. Avoid postponing sex dates with your partner because of work or the kids. Plan out times to get funky with your partner even if both of you are feel old and tired. Couples tend to have less sex after they have children, get a babysitter and plan your night ahead. Have a romantic night will help your sexual health and relationship goes a long way. Intimate relationship helps couple to stay stronger and happier, this will solve a lot of problems in relationship.

Get sun exposure daily

You need vitamin D to increase your testosterone level and the fastest and easiest way to get the recommended amount is through exposure to sun. Stay out in the sun for about 30 minutes to get enough vitamin D.

Other ways to boosting testosterone include eating more meat, detoxifying your system, avoiding stress, increasing your zinc intake, using a natural testosterone supplement and so on. Should I say that testosterone is a man’s best friend.

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