3 Rough Sex Techniques

3 Rough Sex Techniques

There are 3 specific sex techniques you can use to give women more orgasms in bed. Usually, after using these 3 specific techniques, women usually asked to know what it is. A lot of women have never felt such pleasure before; this is because most guys have no idea about the existence of these techniques. And the best part of all is that these 3 sex techniques are so powerful and give women multiple orgasms that any women who feel them think about you all day.

Many guys that have used these 3 techniques claim that they regularly receive texts from women who say “I think so much about last night” or “I cannot wait to re-feel your touch.” Believe it or not, it is in fact very easy to give girls that kind of intense orgasms. And you can achieve this by using these 3 specific techniques.

Let’s start with Secret Technique # 1

1) Hold Her Down

Women love to feel contained during sex because it allows them to feel safe and free to express their sexuality with their partner.

The easiest way to get this done is to grab her by the wrists and hold them together over her head while you remain on top of her. This can also be done while working together in the street or during sexual intercourse.

You can also hug her tight and let her be guaranteed that she’s safe in that way. The major thing is that she feels restrained, and in a way, under your control.

2) The “S&M Spank”

SM, sadomasochism is Ooe of the simplest ways to kick off with impact play is to spank a girl, this is due to the fact that you are not harming her by slapping her directly on her butt. And to be frank, based on experience, it’s pretty rare to find a girl who does not like it after trying.

Begin firmly and with an open palm. To assess whether she likes it, you can ask, “Is that hard enough for you?” Or “you want it harder”

This allows you to stay in control and feel good without losing domination.

3) The “Goldilocks Choke”

This is by far the most advanced of these 3 techniques. And it is probably the most difficult to understand.

Be very careful when choking her so that you don’t squeeze her windpipe. And you do not want to hold her carotid arteries on the side of her neck too hard to the extent that she can faint.

You wanna just choke her right … with enough pressure to feel completely under control in your bed, without hurting her.

So start a little lighter than you think, and focus on light pressure on the carotid artery.

If she wants it harder she will let you know.

One other way to get this done is by grabbing her on the back of the neck. Because that is muscle, you can be a little bit rough with it, and she will like it because it will still feel like you are in control.

These 3 rough sex techniques will get you started on your way to being dominant, and see you as the guy-in-charge who she wants in the bedroom.

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