How To Give A Woman Intense Orgasm

Every man wants to be able to please his woman to her fullest potential, and when he is unable to make that happen, it destroys a piece of him inside. You know how this feels because it happens to you. You are unable to give your woman the kind of pleasure that you know she is craving, and this makes you feel like less of a man. You want to change this, and you want to be better for her. It’s time for you to learn how to make it possible.

With the right sexual technique, you can give a woman intense orgasm so hard that she trembles for hours. You can give her sexual pleasure that is out of this world, and you can blow her mind. You can be the best that she has ever had and that she ever will have again.

To give your woman the kind of sexual pleasure that she desired for, you need to learn the top female orgasm secrets for men. These sex tips are going to make you become the man she wants, and you are going to be able to satisfy her in a way that she has never felt before.

The first female orgasm sex tips is not to stimulate the clitoris directly. The clitoris is highly sensitive that direct clitoral stimulation is sometimes too much. If you want to make sure that you are giving her the best pleasure possible, then it is best to touch around the clitoris. Caress her around that area is just as satisfying and will still give her great sexual pleasure. Treat it as a foreplay that tease her long before you have sex.

If you want to get her going in the bedroom and to give her an orgasm that is going to give her the big O, then the best way to do that is to give her double stimulation. Women are lucky in that they can orgasm through two methods of stimulation. The wonderful part is that they can have orgasm from both methods of stimulation at the same time, giving them an intense orgasm that they will enjoy for hours.

To give your woman a double orgasm, you need to focus on both the clitoris and the g-spot. Remember! Don’t touch her clitoris directly if you want to give her the Big O. However, with the g-spot, it is encouraged if you touch it directly and make sure to go a little rough. The g-spot can handle a rough touch so don’t be afraid to give it to her.

By learning these female orgasm sexual techniques, you will be able to blow your woman’s mind tonight in the bedroom and to be the best she’s ever had easily. If you are not able to give her the orgasm she wants, don’t be frustrated, communicate with her after that. She may give you the key to open up the door in her body, it’s a more complete relationship. Remember the movie Jerry Maguire? I’m not asking you about the quote ‘show me the money’ but ‘you complete me’. If you are able to touch her heart, it will be a very strong relationship if you are able to satisfy her sexual needs.

Being able to please your woman doesn’t have to be this difficult. You can make your girl achieve an orgasm every single time you have sex or touch her. If you want to be the best lover she has ever had, then you need to learn the secrets today so you can use it tonight.