Having Sex And Performance In Sports

Having Sex And Performance In Sports

The high-level athletes need to be on point on competition day. This means that they have to perform well. And this, in turn, means that they should take care of their bodies and minds in the period leading to the all-important competition day. That being said, there is one subject that continues to come up whenever someone is talking about enhancing performance on competition day – the subject of sex.

Namely, there are three schools of thought here. The first school of thought says that sex is beneficial when it comes to competing. The reasoning is simple. Every time you have sex – you will feel loved and you will feel a connection with another human being. This is likely to raise your self-esteem and confidence – and these are important traits to have on competition day.

However, the second school of thought begs to differ. What these people say is that nothing could be worse than having sex the night before competing. And once again – the reasoning is very simple. These people believe that sex is something that will make you loose and uninspired. Since this is one of the most important activities for humans – it means that once you have sex, you won’t want to compete any longer, since you have achieved the most important thing in your life.

And this is not just a passing thought for many of the competitors. Many of the top-level competitors believe it like it’s the absolute truth. They abstain from having sex for a week or so before the important competition day. They believe that the fact that they abstain from life’s biggest pleasure keeps them sharp and to the point. If you do some research, then you will find that there are many legendary competitors in various different sports that have done away with having sex in the days leading to their bouts.

Finally, there’s the third school of thought. This school of thought claims that sex has nothing to do with enhancing or worsening a competitor’s performance on match day. And scientific studies seem to confirm this – there is no evidence that shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that having sex has any influence on a competitor’s performance. Furthermore, what this school of thought says in addition to this is the fact that other circumstances that can lead to sex are much more important than the act of sex itself.

So, if you get wasted the night before the game and casually hook up with someone – then the fact that you may have a terrible performance the next day has nothing to do with the fact that you had sex prior to the game. It has everything to do with the fact that you got, well, wasted. Also, having sex can have you stay up till the early morning of the next day and mess up your circadian rhythm. This too can have an adverse effect on competition.

We have to admit that there is truth in the opinions of all of these schools of thought. It’s up to you to experiment and determine the right approach for yourself. Be mindful of how you feel after you have sex and after you don’t have sex, on competition day. Do this for long enough, and you will start to see patterns in your performance after sex.

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